Female public servants welcome flexible working hours


SHAH ALAM, 7 Jan: The public servants in Selangor welcome the state government’s initiative of wanting to introduce flexible working hours from home for women.

With an experience of five years as a public servant at a local authority, Roslinda Imail, 30, said that the method showed that the Selangor government understands the desire of many female workers.

“Especially those of us with families and children who need attention.


“However, the state government should examine the method of implementation to ensure the smooth running of work,” she told Selangor Kini.

Earlier, Selangor announced flexible working hours for the convenience of female public servants for the employees of the state government and government-linked companies (GLCs).

Meanwhile, Intan Khairana, 35, hopes that the initiative will not affect the productivity of the organisation, thus providing good facilities for women.

“I believe that the Selangor government certainly has a strategic plan for the success of this initiative.

“Hopefully, women can continue to contribute ideas and abilities for the progress of the state,” she said.


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