Flood SOP welcomed, hopefully will reduce the risk of flooding


SHAH ALAM, 13 Jan: The state government’s move to review the standard operating procedures (SOP) for dealing with floods was welcomed by the people of Selangor.

Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) member, Radhuan Ahmad, said that the SOP that will be updated would hopefully reduce the risk of flooding and facilitate post-flood assistance.


“Thankfully, our Chief Minister is sensitive and with the updated SOP, I hope that there will not be any pointing of fingers when flooding occurs.

“Blaming one another does not solve problems, but with the existence of an organised SOP, it can reduce flooding and facilitate assistance to be channelled to flood victims,” he said when contacted by Selangor Kini.

The Kampung Sungai Kantan, Kajang, village head, Khalid Ridhuan, said that apart from measures to reduce the risk of flooding, it is hoped that the SOP will also focus on mechanisms and the welfare of teams involved in the assistance.


“We heard many reports of assistance not being able to be delivered although various forms of donations were given by the public.

“The help from assistance teams, including NGOs, failed to go to the target area due to lack of boats, appropriate machinery and other problems.

“Hopefully, with this SOP, there will be certain mechanisms to overcome these issues immediately,” he said.

Meanwhile, a former flood victim from the area of Paya Jaras, Rahman Embong, welcomed the idea put forward by the Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali.

“Although the flood here was not as bad as before, with a planned SOP I believe that the situation will improve,” he said.


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