GST: Rising cost of living awaits the people in 2015


SHAH ALAM, 1 Jan: The people of this country are expected to continue struggling with the rising cost of living due to the impact of price increases and the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) in 2015.

The Chief Minister of Selangor, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that this is due to the effects of the economic downturn and the value of the currency, which is weakening, in addition to the implementation of the GST.


“I also wish to remind everyone that the sequence of tragedies and catastrophes in 2014 will continue because 2015 is predicted by many economists that the country will face tough challenges. We will see the value of the Malaysian Ringgit weakening compared to other countries.

“The price of petrol has plummeted. The middle and lower income groups will be gripped by the rising prices of goods and the first four months of the implementation of the GST will certainly pressure the lives of the people of this country,” he said when delivering a speech during the Selangor Dream Generation (GeMS) Pray For Malaysia Night at the Malawati Stadium yesterday.


Mohamed Azmin urged the people of this country to continue to strengthen the spirit of unity and solidarity in facing the challenges in 2015.

“History has proven the economic difficulties will cause insecurity among certain groups and this will result in social impact and political failures.

“Therefore, this is a challenge that needs to be handled carefully and wisely. Once again, we are faced with challenges and trials. Success can be guaranteed if there is unity in our actions and practices,” he said.


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