Keramat residents do not acknowledge the Datum Jelatek Task Force


KUALA LUMPUR, 29 Jan: The majority of the residents of Taman Keramat and its surroundings do not acknowledge the Datum Jelatek Tack Force which was established by certain parties to object the project that is being developed by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) in the area.

A resident, Ismail Ibrahim, 52, said that he did not know about the organisation and considers it as ignoring the local residents that want development.


He said that claims by the Datum Jelatek Task Force Chairman, Salleh Samad, that he is representing the majority of the residents cannot be accepted because most of those present at the demonstration were outsiders.

“We, the residents, never appointed him as a representative in this matter. I personally do not know about the organisation.

“In terms of the law, I do not know their position. I think that it is an illegal organisation,” he said during a press conference today.

He said that the assumption that can be made is that less than 10 percent of the local residents participated in the demonstration.

Ismail said that the construction of affordable housing is no longer appropriate at Taman Keramat and the residents should consider future development.


“I do not see its appropriateness, it should be more advanced. Even our own homes are not categorised as affordable housing, why ask for development to lower ourselves.

“I do not support or object to this Datum Jelatek project, but when opportunity comes, why stop it? There may be room for business opportunities there,” he said.

Dr Ted Adzelan, 50, said that residents are riding on the development opportunities of Datum Jelatek through PKNS, DatumCorp International Dsn Bhd (DatumCorp), because property values increase exponentially.

“Once Datum Jelatek is up, our property will be up three times from what it is now. It is time for Keramat to be urbanised and this project is very interesting,” he said.

Faridah Khaidir Khan, 69, said that as a native of Keramat, she wants the development to be inherited by the nest generation and enjoy a life that is more advanced and of quality.

“If affordable homes are built, indeed we can buy four or five, but rented to immigrants.

“Owners will not stay there because they have advanced and have careers. Therefore, the development is appropriate and suitable. Only those who do not understand will object to it,” she said.


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