MDHS needs to study the quality of road repaired by the contractor


BUKIT BERUNTUNG, 6 Jan: The problem of soil erosion that often occurs at the alternative route near Jalan Jasmine will be acted on in the near future by the contractor to avoid this unwanted incidents from happening.

The Hulu Selangor District Council (MDHS) member, June Leow, said that they will ask MDHS to review the quality of the road repaired by the contractor to avoid it from being damaged again.

She said that the reparation work needs to be completed in accordance with the specifications sat in line with the recommendations of the Chief Minister, who wants the roads in the state to be in good condition.


“If it is repaired in a simple manner, this problem will recur and cause damage again,” she said, taken from Sinar Harian.

Previously, the route was built after receiving an application from the owners of premises at the industrial centre near the area.

However, it was damaged and eroded around last September, and it posed a threat to road users after it was built early in January 2014.

The path was eroded following the drainage problem at the culvert near the bottom of the road.


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