MPK managed to collect RM1.5 million worth of compounds as of Dec 31


SHAH ALAM, 14 Jan: The Klang Municipal Council (MPK) managed to collect over RM1.5 million for three types of compounds throughout last year.

The MPK Director of the Department of Communications and Public Complaints, Norfiza Mahfiz, said that the three types of compounds are traffic, housing control and business control.


The traffic compound recorded 59,197 with a total payment of RM970,518, which was successfully collected by the local authority.

Meanwhile, for the housing control compounds, 176 compounds were taken out with RM364,750 successfully collected.

Meanwhile, for business control, there were 905 compounds with a total collection of RM213,280.

Prior to this, MPK took the issue of illegal premises very seriously, including homes that were converted into business premises, and took stern action against the operators or landlords.


In addition, MPK is actively conducts raids of business premises that violates that law, while all licences for massage parlors, beauty centres and health centres, as well as reflexology centres, that have been renewed will not done immediately, as usual.

Instead, it will go through a re-application process and taken for discussion at the Massage Parlors Committee and the Business Control Committee.

MPK will also conduct monitoring and enforcement controls on morning and night markets that will be conducted in an integrated manner starting January last year, with operating hours starting from 3.00 pm until the site is cleaned.

The Official from the Licensing Department and enforcement personnel will be stationed at night markets for traffic control, enforcement against traders without licences and foreign traders.


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