Permatang Assemblyman proposes to restructure the Selangor Budget


SHAH ALAM, 21 Jan: The state government should reconsider the Selangor Budget 2015 following the drop in crude oil prices and economic depression.

Permatang Assemblyman Sulaiman Abdul Razak said that the impact will not only affect the country, but also states, including Selangor.

He said that cutting down spending can be done to less important sectors to ensure economic stability.


“Although our reserves are high, but I feel that the Chief Minister and the Excos should restructure the budget which was previously announced.

“But, it is up to them because they know more about the projections made, including revenue from taxes and so on,” he told Selangor Kini.

He was asked if the state government needs to restructure the budget after the federal government announced the budget adjustment strategy.

Last November, the state government presented a deficit budget with provisions of RM2.42 billion.

Out of this amount, RM1.29 billion (53.19 percent) was allocated for management expenditure, while RM1.13 billion (46.81 percent) was for development expenditure.


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