PKNS allocated RM20,000 to repair the homes of the poor & needy

SHAH ALAM, 23 Jan: The Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) has repaired approximately 60 homes since the PKNS Kasih Programme was launched last year.

The Exco for Housing, Datuk Iskandar Abdul Samad, said that the programme provides an allocation of over RM20,000 to repair the homes of the poor and needy in rural areas.

“Just now (yesterday) I went to Kampung Bukit Kuching Tengah to visit a home which is being repaired at a cost of RM2,300.


“In the area of Kuala Selangor alone there are 18 homes that are being repaired at a cost of RM20,000 in the PKND Kasih Programme, and apart from that, there are also come in Sabak Bernam and Tanjung Karang.

“The state government is inclusive. In the city there is the Ceria Programme for apartments and in the rural areas, we have the Kasih Programme,” said Iskandar.

He said this to Selangor Kini after attending the Selangor Economic Action Council (MTES) meeting at the State Government Secretary’s Building (SUK) yesterday.

The Kasih Programme is part of PKNS’ social responsibility programmes for the people of Selangor.

In the programme, PKNS will completely repair the homes of the less fortunate in rural areas.


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