Putrajaya invites Selangor to help flood victims in Pahang


SHAH ALAM, 7 Jan: The Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries invited the state government to help in the Flood Humanitarian Mission in Pahang, particularly in Temerloh and Bera.

The Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that he received a call from Putrajaya inviting the state government on the mission.


“This morning, I received a phone call from the Ministry of Agro-based Industries to join in on the aid mission. On behalf of the state government, we welcome the invitation,” he said after the Kelantan Flood Disaster Clean-up Assistance Mission launching ceremony at the State Government Secretary Building (SUK) Square today.

During the event, 484 members of local authorities and PeBT participated in the second phase of the aid mission delegation.

Mohamed Azmin said that all members consisting of the 12 local authorities will go to the nine districts in Kelantan for the purpose of cleaning, which also involved 70 vehicles including lorries, water tanks, back hoes and vans, as well as cleaning equipment.


“The state government will always be committed in helping victims of flood, which happened throughout the country recently.

“The state government’s intention to deliver assistance to the affected states was positively received by all local authorities. The state government’s efforts, which has also received recognition from Putrajaya, is seen as being most forward in helping flood victims,” he said.

Mohamed Azmin said that Selangor managed to collect RM5 million from state government subsidiary companies and the private sector so far.

“The funds will be concentrated on the re-development programme for houses that were destroyed during the flood disaster in the near future. For the time being, we have sent RM500,000 to build temporary camps,” he said.


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