Residents of Damansara Damai disappointed that project is given priority over 2nd route

SHAH ALAM, 24 Jan: The residents of Damansara Damai were disappointed when their protests against the construction of the 33-storey apartment were not heeded by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ).

Instead, MBPJ gave approval for the construction of the project, which is expected to begin, earliest, in 2016.


The Chairman of the Saujana Apartment Resident’s Association, Faizul Najib Abd Muniam, said that the decision was contrary to the agreement previously reached between MBPJ, the residents’ representative and the Bukit Lanjan Assemblyman.

“In the previous decision, they agreed to make it a requirement for the developer to build a second access first. Only after that they can begin the project.

“Now, it is the opposite. The project will be built first and this will cause the traffic congestion here to become more chronic,” said Faizul when contacted by Selangor Kini.


Faizul said that the decision was communicated to him by a council member a few days ago.

“Prior to this, MBPJ called a meeting to tell us that the project was approved and they also asked for our opinions. At the meeting, YB Elizabeth Wong (Bukit Lanjan Assemblyman) also urged MBPJ to review their decision.

“Two days ago, I was contacted by a council member to they said that the developer can continue with the project and that it will start the earliest in 2016,” he said.

Previously, the 33-storey apartment building project in Damansara Damai received objections from residents because the traffic congestion in the residential area has become increasingly worse.

MBPJ, after being pushed by the residents, supported by Elizabeth Wong, finally agreed to make it a requirement for a second access route to be built first before they can begin the project.


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