RM100,000 to aid flood victims in Kelantan & Pahang

KLANG, 17 Jan: A total of RM100,000 has been targeted to help flood victims in Pahang and Kelantan to lighten the burden shouldered following damages caused by the terrible disaster.

The patron of the Program Secubit Pemberian Segunung Kesyukuran, YAM Tengku Besar Putra Selangor Tengku Datuk Seri Ismail Shah Alhaj, said that he expresses his gratitude to all donors and volunteers involved in the success of this mission.


He said that this aid could help alleviate the suffering of flood victims who are forced to live in poor conditions.

“May all the victims be strong in facing this test,” he said.

He hopes that such assistance can be continued by all parties so that there is continuity of continuous aid from the people.

The Flood Relief Mission Head, Jalil Bujang, said that the second assistance sent was on a larger scale with the participation of about 50 volunteers.


“For the mission this time, we are also trying to help clean the areas there with other volunteers,” he said.

The aid consists of kitchen essentials, towels, blankets and prayer needs to be distributed in Kelantan and Pahang at Pasir Mas and Rantau Panjang, as well as Pekan.

“We hope that this programme will be carried out smoothly and properly, and is able to ease the suffering of those there,” he said.

The convoy consists of four 4x4s and three lorries departing from the Sungai Udang Al-Amin Surau, Klang, and the flag-off was carried out by Tengku Datuk Seri Ismail.


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