Selangor helps rebuild Kelantan PASTI


GOMBAK, 19 Jan: RM1.8 million is needed to rebuild all Islamic Children’s Care Centres (PASTI) that were affected in Kelantan due to the massive flood recently.

The Director of Selangor PASTI, Hasbullah Mohd Ridzwan, said that the adopted PASTI programme is among the main focuses to help PASTIs that were badly affected.

In the meantime, the RM1 campaign to each PASTI students’ parents was also launched.


Hasbullah also presented a cheque to Nor Azariza Mohd Alawi, the Kelantan PAS Youth Information Chief, who represented the Kelantan PASTI Director, Fadhli Shaari, and was witnessed by the Kota Bharu PASTI Secretary, Marwan Husin.

He also visited the Muaz Bin Jabal PASTI in Taman Guru Kota Bharu and the Al-Munawwarah PASTI in Buntut Payung.

In addition, the contribution of electrical appliances, clothing and food was also presented to the victims through the Galas constituency coordinator in Gua Musang, though proceeds from the Gombak Setia Community Service Centre (PKM)

PKM also held a Back-To-School Jom Shopping programme for the 50 children of flood victims at the Gedung ten Ten Shopping Kall in Bandar Baru Gua Musang.

The Selangor PAS Commissioner, Ir. Iskandar Abd. Samad, also previously channelled RM40,000 and the Selangor PASTI gave RM20,000. However, the amount is still insufficient as the damages were great.


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