Skimsel manages to channel RM94 million to 11,163 Sadiqs


SHAH ALAM, 25 Jan: The Selangor Micro-Credit Scheme (Skimsel) will intensify efforts to help the poor in rural areas to raise capital to start a business.

The Skimsel Senior Operations Manager, Normaiza Yahya, said that they are targeting 2,500 participants, known as Sadiqs, to be registered in the programme’s funding throughout 2015.


“We will continue to strive to achieve this and ensure that every cent channelled is received by the actual individuals and used in the right way.

“Apart from providing funding, Skimsel will also ensure that Sadiqs selected will be given training and skills, as a complete package,” she told Selangor Kini.

Normaiza said that Skimsel will make it mandatory for officers on duty to visit them twice a year, in June and December, to ensure that their participants are successful in their respective fields.

While operating from 2010 to December 31, 2014, Skimsel managed to channel funds to 11,163 Sadiqs amounting to RM94 million.


“Skimsel projects a funding of RM27 million targeting 2,500 participants for 2015 and existing Sadiqs (11,163).

“We are confident and believe that this state government’s desire to improve the quality of economy, and social, of people in suburbs to free them from the cycle of poverty will be achieved,” she said.

Out of these, about 400 Sadiqs will be classified as successful with a surplus in household income of RM5,000.

Skimsel’s records also show that over 4,000 Sadiqs are in the successful category in their respective fields, with a surplus in household income amounting from RM1,000 to RM4,999.

Meanwhile, over 1,500 Sadiqs are at a position maintained at a surplus household income of below RM1,000, where most of them had just begun their businesses and it was more commendable when the management of Skimsel managed to ensure that 98 percent of them have repaid the loan.


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