Skimsel participants collect RM6,750 to help flood victims

MERU, 23 Jan: A total of RM6.750 was collected with donations from 11,100 Selangor Micro-Credit Scheme (Skimsel) participants across Selangor for the post-flood aid for the East Coast.

The donation was presented to the Chairman of Skinsel, Dr Abd Rani Osman, at Anjung Rakyat in Meru today.

Abd Rani said that the aid will be delivered to the flood victims through the Malaysian Peace Foundation, which is expected to depart to the East Coast tonight.


“We have identified several areas in Kelantan and Pahang that still need assistance and, from the information received, the major need is food compared to clothes,” he told Selangor Kini.

In addition to financial assistance, the participants of Skimsel (Sadiq) also donated essential items such as rice, biscuits, mineral water, instant noodles and clothing.

Meanwhile, some of the money raised will be used to buy school necessities such as uniforms and school bags for the children of flood victims involved.

Abd Rani added that although this mission was planned on short notice, the welcome and concern showed by Sadiq is commendable.

“The management did not make it mandatory to donate, but the response we received is commendable when Sadiq from each zone contributed essential goods and donated financial assistance,” he said.

Skimsel is part of Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor (MES) programmes that has been operation since August 2010 to improve the economic status of the poor in rural areas.

For that purpose, Skimsel offers the Micro Financing Scheme, Savings Fund Promotion Scheme and Human Potential Development Scheme to help the poor acquire capital to start a business.


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