Vegetable prices have risen sharply, consumers want price to be controlled

SHAH ALAM, 11 Jan: Most consumers have expressed dissatisfaction due to the price of vegetables, which have been said to have risen sharply.

A survey by Selangor Kini at the market in Section 6 found that the prices of vegetables, especially sawi (mustard green), bayam (leaf amaranth) and kailan (Chinese kale), have reached RM10 per kilogram (kg).

In fact, there are traders who have raised the price of leafy vegetables up to RM16 per kg.

Traders initially displayed price tags, however after being aware that journalists were around, the price tags were removed.


For Hamidah Sharif, 50, the sharp increase in price is considered absurd.

She said that most vegetables are obtained from Cameron Highlands, which is unaffected by the floods.

“As a consumer, this increase is not supposed to happen.

“But as buyers, we are forced to buy. Otherwise, we won’t eat vegetables,” she said when met.

Azura Saad, 31, from Subang, said that the increase was said to have started after the flooding in many states.

“Indeed, I have been affected by the price. It can be said that expenditure to buy vegetables has risen to RM12 a day.

“Not only leafy vegetables, but the prices of other vegetables have also increased but not as expensive as sawi and bayam,” she said.

Meanwhile, Norhafizah Omar, 34, said that those responsible should monitor the increase in prices.

She said that the control is so that traders do not take advantage and increase the prices of goods.

“It is unreasonable if the vegetables are taken from other states that were not affected by the floods but the prices have been increased.

“Daily expenses have greatly increased at this time, coupled with the prices of vegetables, we buyers feel pressured,” she said.

The survey also found that tomatoes are sold at RM6 per kilogram.

Carrots are at RM6, RM10 for green beans, RM6 for angled luffa, RM8 for round eggplant and RM8 for bitter gourd.

However, the prices of other items such as chicken and fish in the market have not increased so far.

Previously, the media reported that a senior officer from the Selangor Office of Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (PPDNKK) said that the leaf category vegetables are sold at RM3 per kilogram only on grounds of the flood despite the source not being from states hit by the floods.


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