WHAT IS THE CASE? One road, many demands

SHAH ALAM, 5 Jan: The status of Jalan Bukit Hijau 26/24, Taman Bukit Saga, Section 26, continues to be a dispute between residents of the area.

Previously, the residents raised the issue of comfort and security in the residential area when the route became a shortcut for a variety of vehicles, including lorries, to avoid traffic congestion during peak hours from Persiaran Klang to Puchong.

Acting of complaints by the residents, the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) closed the entrance near the petrol station.


However, this move was unpopular among the local residents because they had to make a U-turn as far away as two kilometres to enter the residential park if they were coming from the direction of Puchong/Putrajaya/Cyberjaya.

Concerned by the grievances, MBSA, through the Infrastructure Committee, re-opened the road and built a barricade, where the route was narrowed for the entrance to the residential park.

However, the route was misused when vehicles still passed through it, thus posing the problem of traffic congestion during peak hours.

The situation worsened when heavy vehicles passed through the narrow path causing the roads and barricades to be damaged and incur potholes.


Today, the residents are again voicing on the status of the road and Selangor Kini managed to visit the location to obtain various opinions from them.

Resident Kamalzaman Ahmad, 62, said that the barrier at the entrance made the traffic flow difficult and caused traffic congestion during peak hours.

“The problem has become more complicated. Vehicles have to queue up to enter or exit the route. The situation becomes more serious during the evening,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mohd Alias Salio, 32, believes that the route must be closed for the comfort and safety of the residents.


“The front of my house is the major route and I fear for the safety of children playing outside the house. Every evening, vehicles busily pass in front of my house, not unlike being in front of a main road,” he said.

For Mustafa Zainal, 59, he feels that the route should be maintained so that residents have a choice and do not have to just rely on one route only.

“The route is necessary, otherwise the residents only have one route to enter and exit.

“MBSA needs to improve the infrastructure quality of the route. The damaged road and barriers need to be repaired and an iron fence should be built to prevent heavy vehicles from passing through,” he said.

For the record, the area is bordering the regions under the supervision of MBSA and the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ).

Selangor Kini will contact MBSA to get their response regarding the issue raised by the residents there.


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