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Mike Tan

LZS came forward to assist fire victims Taman Gemilang


SHAH ALAM, MARCH 16: Selangor Zakat Board (LZS) channel aid to the fire victims at Taman Gemilang, Dengkil, yesterday.

In a press statement, the contribution of RM8,000 disbursed immediately after receiving notification from the District Disaster Committee.

“Amil Zakat Selangor Sepang rushed to the scene in Taman Gemilang Dengkil involving three houses in the incident yesterday.


“It is sad, this incident claimed the life of a four years old boy. All other members of the families survive including another 5 years old girl.

“LZS channel aid of RM3,000 to one family. They are not the recipients of the poor, “he said.

Meanwhile, another family is poor recipients registered with LZS received RM5,000.

LZS also provide rent assistance to affected recipients while getting a more comfortable residence.

“All the while the family is placed in the hall close supervision of the Social Welfare Department and related agencies. Thanks Pembayar Zakat, “he said.

Yesterday, a child was found burnt to death in a fire at Taman Gemilang, Dengkil, early in the morning.

The fire at about 4:27 that morning involving three storeys terraced houses and a house on fire almost entirely while the left and right houses respectively 50 per cent burns.