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Jamal disrespectful, unethical


SABAK BERNAM, OCT 6: Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunus’ action breaking liquor bottles in front of the State Government’s Secretary Building was described as rude and disrespectful.

Dato’ Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali said, the Malaysian BGO Chairman’s gangster-like behavior has damaged public properties and violates the practice of democracy.

He said, although a demonstration is the right of every individual but it must be done peacefully and in compliance to the ethics set by the authorities.

“Pakatan also holds demonstration as it is the citizens’ rights to hold assemblies however we totally cannot accept individuals or groups acting and behaving like gangster, such as this,” he said to reporters.

He was met after the ‘Penyerahan Notis 5A dan Menyemarak Inisiatif Peduli Rakyat’ Ceremony today.


Mohamed Azmin said he believes the police would look into this and take appropriate action against Jamal, who is also the Sungai Besar Umno Chief.

“I was made to understand that investigation in progress, therefore we leave it to the police.

“Nevertheless, as a general perception, Jamal’s action was totally rude and disrespectful,” he said.

The Selangor Crime Investigation Department Head, Senior Assistant Commisioner Fadzil Ahmad said, he has detained Jamal and seven other individuals upon receiving report about the incident from security guards.

He added that investigation is carried out according to the Penal Code Section 143 on participation in illegal assemblies which was read together with Section 265 of the Penal Code for assembly participants’ conduct causing public harm.