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Malaysia at risk of being left behind by other ASEAN countries


SHAH ALAM, OCT 5: Malaysia may be left behind compared to other ASEAN countries if it still focuses on labour-intensive industries, an industrial practice during the industry 2.0 era.

The Selangor University, Foundation Development Centre Dean, Dr Hamdan Dato’ Salleh said one of the reasons foreign investors choose to invest in other countries is due to government’s failure to formulate policies that can change the industry holistically and to prepare a workforce who is ready for the industry 4.0 revolution.


“Generally, the current industries are still labour-oriented and that is industry 2.0. If there are no more effective policy towards industry 4.0, the country will be left behind compared to the rest of the ASEAN countries.

“So far, there are no clear centralised policy and implementation, what we have is only an emphasize on Technical and Vocational Education and Training,” he said when contacted by SelangorKini yesterday.

He said, the government has to think of the balance between industries and holistic workforce with quality so that the policies do not merely elevate the industries while disregarding the importance of creating a balanced human being in all aspect.

Dr Hamdan said the country must be prepared to produce citizens, graduates and youths who are inclusively and holistically ready, in aspects of endurance, analytical skills, creative thinking and flexibility in accepting technology besides the challenges of industry 4.0, in order to face industries’ competitiveness.

He said, higher learning institutions in this country must quickly change their co-curriculums to provide industry 4.0-ready graduates.