Visitors of Selangorku’s Facebook Page Supports Salary Hike, But…

SHAH ALAM, 28 Nov: Most of the Facebook users who visited the Selangorku Facebook page said that the Chief Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker and 56 Assemblymen of Selangor have the right to receive an increase in salary.

They think that it is reasonable following the outstanding performance of the Selangor Government which recorded various achievements providing welfare to the people.

This includes the increase of cash reserves to almost RM3 billion – the highest in history, apart from the achievement of bringing in foreign investment totalling to RM50 billion from 2008 till 2013.


Zahrin Muhd agreed with the increase and compared their work performance in managing the administration and finances of the state.

However, he does not agree if their pay is high and at the same time public funds are wasted or misused like in the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal worth RM250 million.

Firdaus Ghani said that he did not mind if the pay is high as long as the people live comfortably with whatever is implemented.

“That is why the people of Selangor do not mind that they want a pay rise, it is worth it with what they have done for the people of Selangor,” he said.

Ahmed Hemo said that if the increase in salary can stop them from corruption, then it should be agreed to.

The account owner under the name of Suara Kebangkitan Rakyat said: “It’s ok. The state reserves have increased to RM2.7 billion. If compared to Khir Toyo’s time, it was only at RM00 million in 2007,” he said.

For Nazri Ridhuan, if the Assemblymen take care and administer the state well, there is no problem with the increase because the people benefit and leaders are also appreciated.

“…not like the central government…extravagant, debts piling up…if they wanted a salary hike then it is certainly not warranted,” he said.

However, the other half were less comfortable with the rate of the increase despite agreeing that it should be increased.

“I agree to the increase in salary, but not too high for certain positions,” said Afiy Shah,

Zahid Razali said: “The increase is too much. Prioritise the people in Selangor first. Many people in Selangor have low income.”

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