CM: Bukit Cermin Developers Need to Fix Slope, Re-Submit Application

SHAH ALAM, 15 Nov: Selangor has issued a directive to developers, Kingsley Hills Sdn Bhd (Kingsley), to conduct reparation work on the slopes around the ruins of Bukit Cermin in Putra Heights, as recommended by an independent consultant appointed by the state government.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that Kingsley has also given a written commitment to conduct reparation work as recommended and detailed three independent consultants which are Nexus Engineering Consultant (NEC), KHS Consulting and Mohd. Asbi & Associates.


He said in relation to that, the state government has withdrawn the work stoppage for the development for reparation work to be carried out by the developers, as agreed.

“However, this does not mean that Kingsley can pursue real estate development because they need to re-submit their plan for land and construction work to be re-considered by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ).

“This decision was made after the state government heard the briefing from MPSK and the Department of Town and Country Planning (JPBD) at the Selangor State Economic Action Council (MTES) meeting which was held two weeks ago,” Abdul Khalid said in a press statement today.

Abdul Khalid said that at the MTES meeting, several other decisions were also made to be observed by developers, among them is to provide an ‘As Built Structural Discontinuity Mapping’ with all proposals to strengthen the slope.

He said that the parties involved need to conduct a detailed study of whether it is appropriate to cut the hilltop to create a more gentle slope for the entire site.

“Holding purchasing consultations with landowners to purchase five lots of land on the hilltop so that development and construction can be integrated.

“This will make the entire Bukit Cermin owned by a single owner which will ease development work on the site,” he said.

He said that Kingsley also needs to re-submit their work and overall development plan to be re-considered by MPSJ.

“It should be noted that the development freezing of class three and four slopes still apply and that the state government is committed to monitor the slope development application closely so that landslides resulting in the loss of property and lives can be avoided,” he said.

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