Klang River ‘Mini Cruise’, MPK’s Effort to Lure Tourists

KLANG, 15 Nov: The Klang Municipal Council (MPK) has established a tourism programme called ‘Sungai Klang Mini Cruise’ to meet the state government’s efforts to develop the river.

The joint programme between MPK and the Sungai Sireh Fishermen’s Association is to make Klang, which is also a Royal Town, into an attraction for tourists from and outside the country.

As an effort in the early stage, tourists will board a boat from the Batu Port Jetty and taken down the Klang River to the Kampung Sungai Sireh Fishermen’s Jetty and Tanjong Harapan in Port Klang.


The Deputy President of MPK, Ehsan Mukhri, said that visitors will also enjoy stunning views from the city centre, which has the Klang Royal Town Mosque as a backdrop, the Jambatan Kota and Kota Raha Mahadi.

“The location and beauty of various types of vegetation along the Klang River is an asset which can be exploited to beautify the river.

“In addition, MPK hopes that the local community will benefit from the programme so that it can be a travel icon that can attract more tourists to come here in the future,” he said.

He said this at a press conference during the ‘Trial Run’ of the cruise boat along the Klang River together with the media, and was also attended by members of the MPK, the department heads and media representatives here at the Batu Port Jetty yesterday.

Meanwhile, the ‘Mini Cruise’ operation will begin on 16 November, with a promotional fare of RM20 for adults and RM7 for children, from November to December.


At the same time, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the mangrove forests which have not been explored, and catch a glimpse of eagles that fly along the river.

In addition, tourists will also be given the opportunity to buy goods from Small Medium Industries (SMI) such as dried fish and ‘keropok lekor’ (fish crackers) during a stopover at the village at Sungai Sireh.

Prior to this, the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, said that the redevelopment of the Klang River, including cleaning and upgrading the river, will begin in March 2014.

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