The Egypt Government Should Not Stop Osama Morsi from Coming to Malaysia


SHAH ALAM, 5 Nov: The Egyptian government is asked to allow the son of the former President of Egypt, who was toppled in a coup, Osama Morsi from going abroad to continue his studies in Malaysia.

PKR Information Chief, Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty, said that prohibiting him from leaving Egypt is contrary to the principles of International Law and Human Rights.

He said that it is not fair for the Egyptian Coup Government to practical political revenge against the family of Dr Morsi, who was ousted undemocratically.

“What right does the Egyptian coup government have to stop him from leaving and continuing his studies in Malaysia, when it is his right?

“So he should not be stopped because that is an extreme act and it is unreasonable, and the international community cannot accept this,” he said when contacted by the Selangor Kini portal today.

Muhammad said that he reminds the Malaysian Government to not prevent Osama Mosri’s entry into the country.

“We hope that the Malaysian Government will not be affected by the actions of the Egyptian coup government and should welcome his presence,” he said.

Previously, international media reported that Osama wanted to board Egypt Air to Malaysia, but failed to pass immigration checks when his name was listed among the individuals who cannot leave Egypt.

Osama, commenting of the actions of the Egyptian coup government, said that the move is one of the series of violations of the law and human rights.

Osama’s desires to come to Malaysia to continue his PhD studies and does not have any links with his father, Mohamed Morsi’s trial arrangements.

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