KJ Could be a Political Celebrity, Hides Pressure of Anwar Joining Selangor DUN

SHAH ALAM, 29 Jan: The Umno Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin, is seen as being unable to hide the pressure of the political step by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), following Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s nomination as the candidate for the Kajang State Legislative Assembly (DUN) by-election.

The Member of Parliament for Kapar, G Manivanan, said that PKR, through support from PAS and DAP, agreed to place Anwar as a candidate in the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) after the resignation of Lee Chin Cheh.

He said Khairy’s reaction of teasing Anwar is a part of Umno and Barisan Nasional’s (BN) efforts to divert the people’s attention regarding politics in Selangor, in addition to initial pressure by the leadership of the party against PR.


“Umno-BN is trying to build a negative perception on the nomination of Anwar through Twitter and other social media sites, in efforts to deny the fact that the party is no longer relevant in Selangor.

“Of course there is pressure and different perceptions on this nomination. However, Anwar has taken the progressive and bold step after examining the need and demand to provide effective services to the people in preparation for Selangor to be the model of governance in Putrajaya,” he said in a press statement today.

Manivanan said that Anwar and PKR are committed to the promise of being a more transparent and bold administration despite facing criticism and negative comments.

He said that PKR accepts the differences of opinion between PR component parties and is confident that the relationship is very strong and is not easily shaken in yet another political trial.

“I realise there are attempts to break the strong ties in PR, however I believe that the camaraderie built over the last term will be the support to endure, this increasing understanding and people’s confidence on our goal.


“We will not wither because of labels and empty threats, which are Umno-BN’s way of diverting current issues. Also, Khairy, as the Umno Youth Chief and the Minister of Youth and Sports, should not be the populist in the federal administration which has become exhausted and has forgotten the interests and welfare of the people.

“Khairy can choose to entertain his followers on social networking sites and become a political celebrity, but do not try to hide the pressure and anxiety in Anwar’s entry into Selangor and I am confident that Umno-BN will try to attack the PR candidate’s personality,” he said.

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