PAC: Blacklist contractors who fail to comply with specifications


SHAH ALAM, SEP 1: Contractors throughout the state who do not comply with road construction specifications will be blacklisted.

Selangor Public Accounts Committee Chairman Ng Suee Lim said the proposal was made to ensure road-works in Selangor meet the criteria set by the Public Works Department (JKR).

“I suggest that the state JKR be allowed to blacklist contractors who violate or do not comply with our specifications.

“This enforcement initiative is to ensure that contractors do not carry out their duties perfunctorily,” he said.

He was speaking during the PAC Closed-Door Hearing regarding the National Audit Report on Selangor State Government Departments, Agencies and Company Management Activities for 2015 Series 1.


The Sekinchan Assemblyman was commenting on road damages which had occurred to a new road completed in just six months.

Selangor JKR Director Mas Abdul Rahman Mas Mohamed acknowledged that he is positive towards this proposal. However, implementation depends on actual problems and issues.

“In order to do implement this, we can submit the contractors’ names to CIDB.

“However at this point of time, we simply reduce payment to the contractors who have failed in meeting our criteria,” he said.

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