Perlis SUKMA: Beyond Political Lines, Perlis Welcomes Selangor Contingent

BANGI, 10 Apr: The 17th Malaysian Sports Perlis (SUKMA XVIII Perlis 2014) can be used as an excellent platform to strengthen friendship between the Government and the people of Selangor and Perlis, said the Perlis SUKMA XVIII 2014 Sponsorship Committee Chairman, Sabry Ahmad.

Sabry, who is also a Perlis State Government Executive Councillor, said that although Perlis and Selangor are administered by different political parties, they both have the same mission to develop sports in the country.


“This sporting event is indeed politically blind that is why in sports, there are no political boundaries.

“Although we are competing in sports, but the relationship between the government and the people from the two states will become closer.

“SUKMA is not owned by Perlis, but belongs to all people, regardless of politics. We are just the organisers this time,” said Sabry when met by Selangor Kini here at the Danau Golf Club .


Sabry added that Perlis, as the organisers of the Perlis SUKMA XVIII 2014 welcomes the contingent and supporters of Selangor at the Games, which will take place from 24 May to 4 June.

“The presence of Selangorians will certainly enliven the games, not just in sports, but there will also be an opportunity to taste the delicious sweet fragrant mango, which coincides with the season,” he added.

Perlis will be hosting the SUKMA for the first time and there will be 24 events involving about 8,000 athletes and 2,000 officials.

Meanwhile, in the Perlis SUKMA XVIII 2014 Promotional Roadshow which was held at the Danau Bangi Golf Club, a golf tournament was held.

The competition was won by Patrick Tan Wah Yew, who took home a 32-inch Sharp LCD television and a trophy.

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