Lawyer: Traffic offenders should be taken to the Magistrate’s Court, not straight to lockup

SHAH ALAM, 20 May: Traffic offenders who have arrest warrants and arrested by the police should be taken straight to the Magistrate’s Court to give an explanation on their summons.

The Member of Parliament for Padang Serai, N.Surendran, said that arrest warrants should be used in extremely necessary cases, like someone who has been repeatedly summoned and asked to appear in court but still refuses to do so.


“If an arrest warrant has been issued, then there are court proceedings, it is also not fair for arrest warrants to be issued.

“In such circumstances, arrests can be made, but they cannot be detained in lockup.

“In such arrests, they have to be immediately taken to the magistrate and a chance should be given to the person to settle the amount to be paid for the summons,” he said when contacted by Selangor Kini today.

Previously, the Bukit Aman Traffic Unit Chief, Senior Assistant Commissioner, Mohd Fuad Abd Latif, reportedly said that traffic offenders with arrest warrants will be detained in lockup if they refuse to settle the summons.

Meanwhile, the Legal Advisor for Anti-Postal Summons Campaign Department (KASE), Zulhazmi Shariff, who also commented on the matter, said that the Warrant of Arrest procedures are provided clearly in the Criminal Procedure Code at Part III, Section 38 – Section 43.

He said that Section 42 of the Criminal Procedure Code clearly provides that someone who has been issued an arrest warrant needs to be taken to court as soon as possible.

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