Paid RM300, Jamal tricked hearse drivers


SHAH ALAM, FEB 15: The Red Shirt Leader, Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos allegedly tricked 15 hearse drivers during the demonstration in front of the State Government office complex (SUK) yesterday.

According to a source, the drivers were informed that Jamal’s team were supposedly conducting a film shooting at the SUK, with no other details given.

“The drivers were told that their services were needed for a shooting at the SUK and they were paid RM300 each.

“As soon as they arrived at the SUK, it turned out differently,” said the source who is close to one of the drivers.

SelangorKini is still getting more details on the hearse drivers to validate the information.

It was understood that some of the hearse has names of prominent Mosques around Shah Alam written on them.

Yesterday, Jamal had once again caused a commotion in front of the SUK by bringing 15 hearses, coffins and dressed as a gravedigger.

That situation raised questions among the public on the Umno leader’s ridiculous action.

Meanwhile, State Exco, Dr Daroyah Alwi in her statement yesterday said the action, on the contrary, had provided more publicity on the welfare programmes implemented in Selangor.

SelangorKini managed to contact Jamal to respond on that however he refused to comment.

“I don’t want to comment. Whether there were payments or not, that is a different issue. The hearse is not the important issue now.

“Don’t try to divert from the main issue. The main issue is the embezzlement in the scheme itself,” he said.

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