Transparency Act Guarantees Transparency in National Governance

SHAH ALAM, 7 Dec: Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) Youth supports the recommendations of Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) in urging the government to introduce an Information Transparency Act to ensure transparency in the governance of the country.

PAS Youth Chief, Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi said that the Act is necessary because it will grant the people’s right to know and review relevant documents.

“It is so that any irregularity in public funds cannot be classified as a ‘government secret’,” said Nasrudin in his media statement.

He said that although the Corruption Perceptions Index recently announced shows that Malaysia has risen 6 places to 54th out of 183 countries ranked.

But this increase is still disappointing when the overall score of Malaysia is only 49 out of 100 marks.

“If we compare the ratio to that of our children’s achievement in an exam, 49/100 is not even able to obtain a C grade.

“According to the achievement, Malaysia is ranked behind other developing nations such as Rwanda (50), Botswana (30), Bhutan (33), Taiwan (37) and Brunei (46) with our neighbouring country, Singapore, being ranked 3rd overall.

According to Hassan, based on the score of 49/100 that was obtained, the people is still of the opinion that corruption still plagues the country’s public sector.

This means that the people are still inclined to think that the probability of corruption occurring involving administrative machinery is high.

“This opinion is certainly not a mere perception or illusion, instead the governance of the country, particularly concerning public funds is indeed worrying,” he said.

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