Central Spectrum helps Orang Asal community improve economy


KLANG, MAY 23: Central Spectrum Sdn Bhd is playing its part to improve the Orang Asal community’s economy particularly in Pulau Indah by providing various aids.

Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mahmud Abbas said among the aid given are seedlings for lemongrass, lime and others and the produce to be sold to factories that make perfumes including pharmaceutical manufacturers.

“It is hoped that the Orang Asal community can do business here with products from the sea, farming and others. Here we will build perfume and pharmaceutical factories who require leaves such as lemongrass and lime to make creams, perfumes and such products.

Central Spektrum

“We will set-up a body here that will provide these seedlings to the Orang Asal to plant and we will certainly buy back the products, in this way the people here can improve their standard of living,” he said.

Mahmud said that during the Central Spectrum Bersama Masyarakat Orang Asal Pulau Indah at the Kampung Orang Asal Pulau Indah today.

Besides that, he also encourages the community to take the opportunity to do business every time programmes are organised particularly world-class programmes.

“Every year, Central Spectrum organizes a 180-kilometre cycling event. Early this year, 1,000 people from 30 countries came.

“But if there are no Orang Asal people selling their products that feature their culture, we lose and that is why next year, the race will start here and not from my office,” he said.

He also informed that Central Spectrum is currently actively developing several areas including recreational areas that will attract visitors.

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