Israel continues to terrorise, 9 members of the media became victims

PALESTINE, 4 Aug: Approximately 10 Palestinians, including a child, were killed in an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll to 1,882 people.

A Gaza emergency services spokesman, Ashraf al-Qudra, said that five people were killed in Jabalia in the north, three around the city of Gaza in Zeitun and Sheikh Radwan, one in Nuseirat and a child was killed in the city of Rafah in the south.

Israeli soldiers attacked 4,686 targets in the Gaza Strip in the conflict which began on 8 July.


Apart from that, the Israeli launched 72 attacks targeting media personnel in Gaza.

The Palestinian Information Ministry informed that this was revealed after reporters Sameh al-Arian and Mohamed Daher were killed on July 31.

A day earlier, their friends Ramy Rayyan and Ahed Zaqqout were also reported killed while covering the area near a crowded market in the centre of Gaza city.

It is learned that five media personnel, including a woman, were killed in the first week Israel launched the Border Protection Operation.

Since over 20 days ago, at least nine journalists have been killed while 16 were wounded by the shelling, as reported by the Middle East Monitor.

At the same time, Israel announced a seven-hour humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza today.


The Israeli army said that they would stop firing on the Gaza Strip starting 10am local time.

Israel said that the humanitarian ceasefire, however, was not enforced and Israeli forces still continued operation.

Yesterday, Israel withdrew almost of its ground forces in the Gaza Strip, however, battle was still reported in some areas.


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