Quran Hour fosters ‘tadabbur’ as a guide to life


SHAH ALAM, JUNE 20: The overwhelming response towards the Malaysia Quran Hour is seen as a positive development on society’s awareness on the importance of ‘tadabbur’ (understanding the meaning) of al-Quran.

Education, Human Capital Development, Science, Technology and Innovation Exco, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said, hopefully this awareness can be the best path towards living up to the teachings of al-Quran as the guideline in life.

“The organisation of this programme during Ramadan is an honour for all of us together with special individuals who are blessed by Allah with the ability to recite the al-Quran fluently and melodiously.


“Truly the al-Quran is the word of Allah, if we want to communicate with our creator, then al-Quran is the connector, besides our prayers,” he said.

He said that in his speech during the Quran Hour Launching Ceremony at the Raja Tun Uda Library in Shah Alam yesterday.

In that development, Malaysia Quran Hour which was launched last 2015, adopted the theme of forgiveness and compassion for this year.


The Malaysia Quran Hour programme which used to be known as Malaysia Ngaji is organised by Yayasan Warisan Ummah Ikhlas, Media Karangkraft Group and Selangor Public Library Corporation (PPAS).

Last year, 739,645 participants from all over the country participated in the programme which saw 6,495 particpants from Selangor alone.

Similar to last year, the programme is held consecutively across the country.


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