Palestinians celebrate victory over the 51-day battle against Israel

GAZA, 27 Aug: Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate victory when Israel finally succumbed in the 51-day war, since July 7, with the signing of the peace agreement which began last night.

Cries of joy resounded at the streets while residents waved the flags of Palestine and Hamas.


Spokesperson Brigade Izzuddin al Qassam Abu Ubaidah said that the victory of Gaza in fighting against Israel is a decisive victory in the liberation of Palestine.

In his statement, Abu Ubadiah stated that August 26, 2014, is the date of victory agains Israel.

“The victory in Gaza is due to the cooperation of the people and citizens who were loyal in fighting against the most powerful force in the modern era in the Middle East,” he said.


He also said that Hamas actually won in terms of military in the war before the peace agreement victory last night.

“We, in Hamas, while declaring the victory of our people and its resilient fighters, we swill state with respect and appreciation that the holy souls have returned to be with God,” he said.

He said that Hamas calls on human rights organisations to expedite legal action against Israel in the international criminal court.


“They had committed horrible murder reaching the level of war by attacking innocent people consisting of children, women, senior citizens and family members,” he said.

Since Israel attacked Gaza last July, a total of 2,137 people were killed while 11,100 were injured.


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