Japan’s investment creates jobs for Selangor youth


PASIR GUDANG, JUL 17: The regional investment co-operation between Japan and Selangor will open-up job opportunities for citizens in the state, said Dato’ Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

He said the locals must take advantage of the opportunities to generate additional income and local earnings.

“The RM1.2 billion investments from Japan using latest technology requires skilled workers.

“This development in due course provides high chances of jobs to Selangor youths who have the skills and expertise in that particular sector,” he said to SelangorKini at the KEADILAN Johore Aidilfitri Ceremony in Taman Mawar yesterday.

Earlier, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) has confirmed that regional investment development, particularly from Japan, will create 1,280 job opportunities for Malaysians.


The agency also revealed that Japan remain as the main source of direct investment for the country since 1980.

Mohamed Azmin announced that cooperation between Selangor and Japan will be signed in August after the final discussion.

Mohamed Azmin who is optimistic on its success said that the positive development is due to the State Government’s transparent administration.

“Stability and integrity in Selangor’s administration are also factors that drove Japan to agree to invest RM1.2 billion.

“This is not a small amount, it involves billions of Malaysian ringgit and this success is certainly attributable to the State Government’s integrity in administration,” he said.

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