Local authorities do not prevent the people from seeking a livelihood legally

SHAH ALAM, 24 Sept: The special mechanism that allows Local Authorities (LA) to issue permits immediately to small businesses was developed to help the local people deal with the cost of living through business.

The Malaysian Youth Solidarity (SAMM) said that the local government should be more pragmatic and proactive in allowing the low-income and middle-income earners carry out business activities that meet the conditions of hygiene and environment.


The youth movement was responding to the struggle between law enforcers and local traders which was disseminated through a video on the internet recently.

“It should be noted that Malaysians are now facing a severe financial crisis. The facts show that the ratio of household debt has reached RM854 billion, equivalent to 86.8 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Almost 80 percent of Malaysians are not capable of having savings due to the hardships of life with the rising prices of goods/services that is not regulated,” said that SAMM Propaganda Director, Edy Mohd Noor.

Along with the difficult pro-people policies, the government is urged to combat the monopoly of retail space by foreigners.

The prevalence of foreign operators at business hotspots, said SAMM, gives a bad image to the reputation of local authorities’ law enforcers.

“Why is there such a difference in treatment? Is it because locals who want to start a new business cannot afford to pay ‘protection money’ so their Halal businesses are stopped?” he asked.


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