Ops Dadu: 3,900 computer sets from gambling cybercafes worth RM200,000 confiscated by MPSp

SEPANG, 1 Oct: The Sepang Municipal Council (MPSp) managed to seize over 3,900 computer sets and various other equipment such as furniture with an estimated value of over RM200,000 in the Ops Dadu which was carried out today.

The operation involved 60 enforcement members from various ranks and they raided 19 gambling cybercafes operating around Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.


The operation was led by the PSp Enforcement Officer, Hairol Azman Razali, and was led after receiving intelligence and information from the public.

The Deputy President of MPSp, Muhamad Hafiz Shaari, said that the operation was conducted daily since the beginning of September to ensure that at least 80 percent of these activities are eliminated.

“We launches it on all illegal gambling premises, although some of them began operations again.

“However, MPSp realises that it is difficult to eliminate it 100 percent because there is continued demand from the public and we hope to minimise this by eliminating at least 80 percent,” said that Deputy President of MPSp, Muhamad Hafiz Shaari.


MPSP has identified about 60 locations in operation in Sepang.

He explained that this activity can be eliminated completely with public awareness to not patronise gambling centres that provide lucrative returns for the operators.

Muhamad Hafiz said that previously, MPSp held over 24 raids.

“For cybercafes that have business operating licences, it will be withdrawn while cybercafes that do not, their goods will be confiscated,” he stressed.


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