Build own water tank


SHAH ALAM, AUG 31: The developer of a new housing project in Puchong Prima has been asked to build their own water-tank for a two-day storage capacity for a multi-level housing project construction.

In a statement, Air Selangor said that the water supply system in Puchong Prima was taken over by Jabatan Bekalan Air Selangor (then SYABAS) from the developer in 1999.

It said, the request for an external water supply system by the four-block apartment developer has just been approved after studying their request and supply.

“Since the new development is a high-rise concept, SYABAS has set a condition for the developer to build its own internal water tank for a two-day storage.

“With this internal water tank system for new apartment blocks, water supply for Puchong Prima residents will not be affected,” the statement said.

Last week, Puchong Prima Residents Action Committee objected when water was taken from Puchong Prima water tank for residents of the new housing area estimated to be around 15,000 people.

They objected as they are not sure if supplies in the two existing water tanks will suffice, as they are currently supplying water to over 25,000 people in the locality since it was built 20 years ago.

The question that also rise is, when a bigger housing project does now require a new tank while Rumah Selangorku developer of almost 450 units was asked to build their own tank.

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