China continues to suppress Muslims of Xinjiang, 22 religious leaders arrested

SHAH ALAM, 12 Nov: The Chinese government continues to suppress the Uyghur Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang when they jailed 22 religious leaders under various reasons, including rape, illegal teachings and disturbing public order, on November 10.

They will be liable to imprisonment of between five to 16 years and there some of the leaders are called violent priests in effort to put great stress on the ethnic group.


Citing a report from The New York Times, the 22 religious leaders were also jailed for allegedly carrying out religious programmes despite being sacked, inciting racial hatred and exploiting superstition to undermine the implementation of the law.

The Uyhgur ethnic group rejected the cruel act and held a peaceful assembly to protest against the decision exercised by the authorities in Xinjiang.

The punishment is part of the action taken by the authorities in Xinjiang against religious extremism that started in May.


Among other acts committed on the Muslims of Xinjiang includes restrictions on practicing Islam outside the mosque, banning veils for women and punishment on the young people who download jihad speeches from websites.

The move was seen as part of an ethnic cleansing operation carries out by the Chinese government against the Uyghur community in the region of Xinjiang, causing the population to be drastically reduced to 45 percent so far.

The modus used is to move the Uyghur people and replace them with immigrants consisting of the Han people who will take care of the interests of the republic in the region.

The Uyghur ethnic population was not only reduced, but they also received third-class citizenship and are excluded from any economic progress.

In addition, the authorities in Xinjiang are always controlling religious freedom and monitoring the movement of individuals suspected of attempting to violate regulations.

The anxiety and fear of the Chinese government to give mandate and rights to the Muslim Uyghur people is believed to be linked to political interests.


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