Batik shirt did not stop Azmin from ‘jumping’ into a ditch

GOBAK, 16 Nov: The smart dressing of the Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, in a Jawa batik shirt, in the style of Jokowi, did not prevent him from going into a ditch for the Gerak Gempur Aedes programme today.

Prior to this, he first made a house to house visit in Kampung Tengah with the enforcement officers of the Selayang Municipal Council and the Selangor Health Department.


While greeting villagers, he managed to go to his official car to wear ‘Pua Chu Kang’ yellow boots before jumping into a ditch.

Commenting on this morning’s operation, Mohamed Azmin criticised people who still underestimate the aspect of caring for hygiene in their residential surroundings.

“If there are programmes like this, especially in stratified residential areas, the only ones working are the officers.

“The residents just sit idly upstairs looking at officers at work. This attitude needs to be changed because it affects the residents in the area,” he said.


Earlier, Mohamed Azmin officiated and participated in the same programme at Kampung Klang Gate in cooperation with the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).

He stressed that the state government required the cooperation of the community to fight Aedes and dengue, which are rampant.

“As of now there have been 59 cases of death compared to only 24 deaths reported throughout last year. This means that even though 2014 has not reached its end, the cases of death are more than double.

“Dengue cases have also increased considerably with 1,000 cases reported every week compared to 800 cases in the past,” he said.


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