MDKL acts to overcome old trees that endanger residents

BANTING, 22 Dec: The Kuala Langat District Council (MDKL) found 394 trees in need of being cut down while 892 other trees need to be pruned.

The MDKL Yang Dipertua, Mohd Azhar Mohamed Ali, said that MDKL has received many complaints regarding the tree problem.

He said for 2014 alone, MDKL has received 210 complaints related to the tree problem.


“Old and big trees that are suffering from disease can pose danger to residents and road users in the areas under MDKL.

“After inspection and monitoring was done, there are a lot of trees that need to be acted upon to prevent any untoward incident,” he said.

Mohd Azhar said that the tree felling work will be carried out at 32 areas involving the felling of 394 trees.

Furthermore, the pruning and cutting of trees will be carried out because there are trees that can potentially cause problems to lives and public property.

To solve complaints related to these problematic trees, MDKL has appointed 26 contractors to carry out the action plan to maintain the trees and tree waste.

He hopes that the residents understand the need for MDKL to carry out their duties to provide services to the residents to ensure the beauty, safety and that public property are in good condition.


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