KIDEX: CM ‘attacked’ because of misinterpretation by Utusan

PETALING JAYA, 6 Mar: The cancellation of the Kinrara-Damansara Expressway (KIDEX) project remains as previously announced, thus rejection assumptions by some parties that Chief Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali made a U-turn.

He reiterated the cancellation when talking at the Tun Abdul Aziz Mosque as Utusan Malaysia, an Umno-BN friendly newspaper, gave a wrong picture of the situation.

The report described Mohamed Azmin as making a U-turn in this issue, causing various parties to ‘attack’ him on social media sites, especially on Facebook and blogs.


Mohamed Azmin, who was dressed in a Baju Melayu when giving reasons for the cancellation, said that the move was necessary because the KIDEX development is not the answer to solving the problem of traffic congestion in the area.

“It is for the sake and welfare of all that we cancelled the project,” he said, admitting that it was not easy to make this decision but he had to take into account the views of the local residents.

On February 16, Mohamed Azmin announced the cancellation of the KIDEX project on grounds that the concessionaire failed to meet the three requirements set.

The state government provided sufficient time for the requirements to be met but the concessionaire failed to do so.

The requirements were to provide an impact assessments for traffic, social and environment, and stating the toll rates during the concession period.


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