TASKA, hospitality & pension scheme improves workers’ welfare

SHAH ALAM, 5 May: The Federal Government should be more concerned about improving the welfare and rights of workers, especially the Child Care Centre (TASKA) facility.

The Ijok Assemblyman, Dr Idris Ahmad, said that the facility in the public sector is among what can be considered to encourage more women to work.

“It would be better if the cost for TASKA is half financed by the government and caregivers are specially to take care of the workers’ children.


“The goal is to ease the burden of workers who receive a minimum wage compared to sending their children to care centres where the cost is higher and there is no guarantee of security,” he said when contacted by Selangor Kini.

Idris said that the government needs to improve the pension scheme, including adjusting the age for the full withdrawal with the minimum retirement age.

“The government needs to examine the proposal issued by continuing the dividend payment from age 75 to 100.

“It is seen as unfair because at that age, some of them want to go for their pilgrimage but are hindered because they have not reached the age limit,” he said.

He said that there is a need to improve the government’s hospitality system because most people deal with government clinics and hospitals.

“They are experiencing congestion and it takes quite a long time to receive treatment, therefore many choose private clinics or hospitals.

“The government should think of how to provide facilities and priority to government employees to receive treatment in a short period of time,” he said.


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