Najib Razak Asked To Apologise To Students


SHAH ALAM, 14 FEB: Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak has been asked to apologise to a group of university students following the ‘violent’ incident against the group which took place at the Pekan Parliament.

During the incident, it was claimed that a group of Umno members acted violently and assaulted a student who was also the former Aksi Mahasiswa Peduli (Aksi) Vice President, Ekhsan Bukhari, after he has finished distributing ‘Malaysian Hopes’ leaflets.

AMK Vice Chief, Azmizam Zaman Huri said that this latest violent act is another series of Najib’s failure as Prime Minister, and also the failure of the Pekan Division Umno Chief, of being able to make a transformation.

“Najib’s failure can also be seen as a symbol of his administration’s shortcomings which is increasingly being rejected by Malaysians,” said Azmizam, who is also the Selangor AMK Chief, in his media statement.

Azmizam said that is it is true that Najib is accepted by the majority of students as claimed in a study, then it is impossible for the Prime Minister to be jittery when facing a democratic campaign held by only five university students.

“It is clear that there is a real annoyance hidden by Najib, as the Umno number one, who is not only unsteady nationally, but perhaps he feels intense hatred going on on his side.

“He should be responsible as the Division Head and the Prime Minister to avoid recurrence of such incidents,” he said.

Azmizam added that should the Parliamentary constituency represented by the Prime Minister himself is unsafe for an independent democratic campaign, what is the fate of other individuals or groups who try to sell their ideas and arguments, especially at the approach of the GE-13.

“Is this a sign of rejection and sabotage by the Pekan Umno Division members themselves towards Najib Razak, because it is impossible that they did it (assault) without being aware of the negative impact which will badly reflect Najib Razak’s image following this incident.

“Najib Razak should immediately investigate whether there is a ‘scissor in the crease’ at the Pekan Umno division himself,” he said.

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