Merdeka Centre: Najib Razak’s Ratings Fall Further To 61 Percent


SHAH ALAM, 26 FEB: The support of voters in Peninsular Malaysia for the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak recorded a decline from 65 percent in October 2012 to 61 percent in January 2013.

In October 2012, support for Najib was at 63 percent.

“The study also found a decrease in support among Malay respondents towards the government and Barisan Nasional,” said Merdeka Center in a media statement.

The Independent Researchers in the latest report found that among the Malay community, there is a recorded increase in anger towards the Umno-BN led government when it increased from 24 percent in May 2012 to 32 percent in January 2013.

Meanwhile, anger from the Indian community has also risen from 41 percent to 43 percent within the same period.

The study which involved 1,021 registered voters also found that anger from the Chinese community towards the Barisan Nasional (BN) government is still high at 68 percent.

This clearly shows signs that programmes and campaigns carried out by Najib’s leadership to impress the group has still failed.

According to the same study, there is a decline of support from the Malay community for Barisan Nasional from 66 percent in May 2012 to 60 percent in January 2013.


Thus, it is seen as bringing about great impact to the government as the upcoming 13th General Elections draws near.

The study was conducted from 23 January – 6 February 2013 and involved 59 percent of Malays, 32 percent from the Chinese community and 9 percent from the Indian community.

The 13th General Elections will have to be held after the BN government mandate expires on 28 April 2013.

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