Papagomo Website Operator Allegedly A Phantom Voter, Former Corrupt Police


PETALING JAYA, 22 Mar: The individual that operated the Papagomo site, well-known for being anti-Pakatan Rakyat (PR), is allegedly a former traffic police corporal who was sentenced to prison for extortion offences.

PKR investigation found that the operator of the website, Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris was sentenced in 2012 for being found guilty of blackmailing a drug addict in 2004.

KR also claimed that Wan Muhammad Azri is a phantom voter listed as a postal voter at the Ampang Police District Headquarters (IPD) and at the same time, a normal voter at the Wangsa Maju Parliament.

PKR Strategy Director, Rafizi Ramli said that the investigation carried out by the party on the Election Commission (EC) website found Wan Muhammad Azri to be in possession of two identity cards.

One of them is a police identification card while serving as a traffic police corporal and a civilian identity card.


“Papagomo, who no longer serves with the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) for corruption is still listed as a postal voter in the Ampang IPD.

“We then checked Papagomo’s registration status as a normal voter in the same system and found that he was also listed as a normal voter using a civilian identification card.

“This is very shocking,” he said in a press conference at the PKR Headquarters here today.

According to Rafizi, because different dates of birth were used in the EC electoral roll checking system, PKR then checked addresses used by Papagomo before in official documents.

He stressed that the crosscheck found Papagomo indeed uses two different addresses in tandem in official documents pertaining to lawyers and court, which are:

* Villa Danau Apartment, Taman Danau Kota (Wangsa Maju Parliament currently residing in)

* Jalan Nilam, Taman Bukit Ampang (Second address in the Ampang Parliament).

“These findings prove the existence of phantom voters in the electoral rolls when Papagomo was allowed to vote twice.

“The presence of phantom voters like Papagomo must be answered fully by the EC because the people want to know how many more Umno officers like Papagomo have multiple registrations in the electoral roll?” he questioned.

He added that if the EC does not answer to this charge, it will only strengthen the perception of society that the body is working to try to ensure Umno-BN’s victory in the upcoming general elections through unclean electoral rolls.

Papagomo is among the pro-Umno websites knows for disseminating defamatory articles about PR parties.

On March 19, PKR De Facto Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim filed a suit of RM100 million against Wan Muhammad Azri for spreading pornographic pictures in order to defame.

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