Waves of the People’s Support is Getting Stronger in Selayang


SELAYANG, 20 Apr: The waves of the people’s support towards Pakatan Rakyat (PR) are getting stronger in Selayang based on the administrative excellence and various programmes organised by the Selangor State Government previously.

Selayang Parliamentary candidate, William Leong (PKR) said that the people can feel a significant difference under Selangor PR which is seen to have solved many problems compared to Umno-BN.

“I’m confident that the people have opened their eyes with a confidence that the PR Government can rule well, honestly and transparently.

“I often go down to the ground to solve people’s problems and thus giving hope to the people to form a new Federal Government,” he said.

For the Rawang State Legislative Assembly (DUN) candidate, Gan Pei Nei (PKR), she hopes that the people will give the mandate again to PR to administer Selangor to continue the excellence since 2008.

Gan, who will continue to compete for the DUN for the second time, is confident that the coalition’s manifesto as well as the Localising the Selangor Manifesto (MES – Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor) programme can win the hearts of the people to continue to support PR.

“I think that the people, through feedback we have received, have seen significant difference under the PR administration, especially the free water policy, the MES programme and so on.


“We are seen as a corruption-free government and is proven clean and trustworthy, where it was recognised by the Auditor General himself.

“Indirectly, it gives confidence to the people to continue to support PR,” she said.

Meanwhile, PAS candidate for the Taman Templer DUN, Zaidy Abdul Talib pledged to continue the excellence of the Selangor PR administration by bringing the hope of the people who demand for change.

He said that he will do his best by offering services to the people and leave it to them to elect a leader who the people deem fit.

“We are here to continue the PR’s excellence in the past five years. In Malaysia.

“We will offer services to the people and leave it to them to choose the best candidate. I am confident with the rise of the people who believe in PR,” he said.

Kuang DUN PKR candidate, Tengku Maraziyah Tengku Sulaiman hopes that the people will give strong support to PR, which has always worked to take care of the people.

He also hopes that this election will take place peacefully, without any provocation by irresponsible parties.

“I want to win this DUN seat for the future of the people of Kuang because I have been monitoring the situation there since year 2000.

“I will continue what PR wants to implement, which is proven to have been successful and it will be further improved as offered in the Selangor PR manifesto,” he said.

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