Ijok Candidate, Dr Idris Azam to Continue Abdul Khalid’s Excellence


KUALA SELANGOR, 20 Apr: The Ijok State Legislative Assembly (DUN) candidate, Dr Idris Ahmad intends to continue Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s excellence when he was the Assemblyman of the area is Idris is elected for the 13th General Election (GE-13).

According to Dr Idris, Abdul Khalid brought about many changes, especially to the people of Ijok by implementing several policies that benefit everyone.

Among them, Abdul Khalid managed to solve the land ownership problem in several villages such as at Kampung Sungai Darah, Kampung Pecah Batu, Kampung Jaya Setia and Kampung Keretapi, in Ijok.

“I am determined to continue Tan Sri Khalid’s excellence legacy as the Assemblyman of Ijok if I am elected in the GE-13,” he said when he was met after the nomination of candidates at the Kuala Selangor Indoor Stadium.

Abdul Khalid, as the Chief Minister, also introduced a number of policies under the Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor (MES) agenda such as the Senior Citizens Scheme (SMUE) and the Single Mothers’ and Senior Citizen Jom Shopping programme.

In the meantime, Dr Idris is also determined to strive to uphold the education system, especially for rural communities in Ijok.

“Previously, the education system was good because I did not need to attend tuition and still succeeded.

“But now, many students who want to succeed need to attend tuition and this will marginalise the rural population who are less fortunate,” said the physician at a private hospital in the capital.

In the GE-13, Dr Idris will contest against BN candidate, Parthiban Karuppiah, for the Ijok DUN seat.

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