Shuhaimi: Do Not Play Dirty, I Have an ‘Atomic Bomb’


KLANG, 24 Apr: Shuhaimi Shafei will release an ‘Atomic bomb’ is his rival candidate from BN, Raouf Mokhtar uses dirty tactics in campaigning.

Shuhaimi stressed that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) wants the 13th General Election (GE-13) campaign to be held democratically instead of through personal attacks.

He said that he expects many accusations to be thrown his way, including the possession of a RM3 million bungalow in Kota Kemuning.

“Two days ago, they said that they have a secret weapon to fight us with but I reminded them that I also have a secret ‘atomic bomb’ which is still active.

“We will reveal the atomic bomb depending of the opposing candidate’s campaign level.” he told reporters after explaining policies of the Selangor State Government to single mothers and senior citizens at Jalan Kebun.

In the meantime, Shuhaimi is confident in defending the Sri Muda State Legislative Assembly (DUN) seat because support from on-the-fence voters has increased.

“Many Umno-BN strongholds have turned to us. For example, in 2008,we could not access the operations room at Kampung Baru 2 at all, but now, this has changed.

“We have dominates this locality. Everyone supports us, I believe that it is difficult for BN to penetrate this area,” he said.

Shuhaimi is also pleased because his personal vision for the people of Sri Muda was realised when the project for three mosques have been implemented.

“My desire to help build three mosques has been achieved. The three mosques are in Sri Muda, Kampung Johan Setia and Kota Kemuning. Two of them have been applied for more than 20 years but was ignored.

“The same with the roads in Kampung Lombong, for years it has not been repaired, it is now completed,” he said.

He is also offering several promises if given the mandate again.

Among them, the flooding problem, the issue of illegal immigrants in Taman Sri Muda and the establishment of Kota Raja town to be developed.

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