“Pakistan, Myanmar Citizens Cast Votes Using MyKad”


PETALING JAYA, 9 May: Pakatan Rakyat election officers met at the “People’s Voice is a Sacred Voice” assembly yesterday told how they detained foreigners who tried to use fake identification cards to vote during the 13th General Election (GE-13).

One of the officers, Tan Ooi Ngak, claimed that he and other officers at the SK Taman Ria polling station in the Bukit Selambau constituency, Kedah, managed to detect Pakistanis who tried to cast votes.

Tan, who is an officer for the polling station machinery, said that the Pakistani was caught in the afternoon as he was approaching the polling station.

“Inspection found that he was a Pakistani national. He was ordered to leave the polling station immediately,” he said when met at the “People’s Voice, A Sacred Voice” Assembly here at the Kelana Jaya Stadium.


Tan revealed that the matter while showing a picture of the Pakistani.

Meanwhile, a PAS officer in Johor, Tajuddin Mohamad claimed that he and other officers managed to prevent Myanmar nationals from casting votes at the Mahkota constituency at around 4pm that day.

“When examined, he showed a MyKad but when asked to sing Negaraku (the national song), he failed to do so. We warned him and ordered him to leave the area,” said Tajuddin.

In addition, Tajuddin also said that the vote counting process in the constituency was very suspicious when the Election Commission (EC) officers delayed the announcement of the results.

He said that the counting found PR candidate, Khairul Faizi to win the constituency seat with a majority of over 900 votes.

However, he claimed that when the announcement of the winner was to be done, it was postponed and the EC officer announced that there are postal votes yet to be brought in.

“The delay for almost two hours caused the counting to end late, at almost 1am.

“We questioned the matter because it took too long, almost seeming to deny the PR candidate’s victory,” he said when met at the Kelana Jaya Stadium last night.

Their claims were among the series of disclosures about suspicious incidents during the polling day which caused Pakatan to question the validity of the GE-13 results.

The assembly last night was attended by about 50,000 participants and Pakatan leaders to protest on the alleged rampant fraud during the GE-13 on May 5.

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