Pangsapuri Indah Ria JMB Wants Developer to be Responsible


SHAH ALAM, June 19: The residents of Pangsapuri Indah Ria here hope that the problem of crack occurring to their residential buildings can be resolved immediately by the developer of the project, Shanghai Realty Sdn Bhd.

The Chairman of the Joint Management Body (JMB), Hishamuddin Ali said that the problem of cracks occurring to the building structure and the parking area has raised concern from the residents of the area.

According to him, they hope that the problem can be resolved quickly as it had been raised by the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to the developer of the project in a meeting held at the end of last year.


“I also attended the project as the Chief of the Special Action Bureau and I hope that the developer can solve the problem for the sake of the residents here.

“What is certain is that the residents want it to be repaired immediately because they inhabit the area” he told TVSelangor today.

Hishamuddin explained that it is hoped that the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) will also help in this issue as stated by the Local Authority in a joint meeting with the residents previously.

He said that the cracks and settled soiled are considered serious because it is now estimated that it would decline by almost three feet.


He said that the problem which has been persisting since 2009 should be addressed immediately by the authorities.

“The developers should take into account the interests of the residents as well as the reminder which was recommended by Abdul Khalid,” he said as the acting Chairman of the JMB since March this year.

He also stated that the JMB ha appointed a lawyer and they are currently discussing further action against the developer as well as to hold a meeting in the nearest future.

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